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Garden Maintenance Northern Beaches- Planting Sustainable Gardens, Plant Selection, Drip Irrigation and Drainage

Regular Garden Maintenance, Plant Selection and Planting

We can give you hands on advice for your landscape garden design and style during our consultation, keeping in mind your preferred choice in plants. Whatever your residential landscape gardening needs are we can plan a design to suit both you and the family e.g. terrace planting, bush regeneration, native cover, tropical vegetation etc.

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Our landscape plant services include:
  • coastal planting of natives
  • bush regeneration
  • turf laying and supplies e.g. Sir Walter™, Couch Conquest™, Velvetene™, and Kikuyu™
  • feature planting e.g. against boundaries and fences
  • hedges and border planting
  • organic vegetation garden planting
  • tropical vegetation planting
  • soil regeneration including mulching and fertilizing
  • weed prevention and control
  • tree trimming and shrub pruning
  • garden pest and disease control
Garden Maintenance

Because we design and construct all our landscape projects from start to finish, you can be sure of our attention to detail at every stage, thus ensuring a greater level of customer satisfaction for all our clients.

We believe when it comes to planting it is important to have extensive soil preparation first. Once we have stabilized the soil and eradicated weeds and pests, we can go ahead with the planting.

The options we provide for a suitable landscape garden design are extensive and should be based on the amount of time you actually have available to garden, or whether your needs are for a minimal garden with little upkeep required.

Sustainable Gardens – Setting up Edible Permaculture Gardens

Here our company will apply proactive, sustainable garden design techniques within your immediate environment, whether you live in an inner city apartment, a quarter acre block or a rural property. This covers organic food production all with practical solutions to maintaining an organic garden vegetable area. All parts of edible landscaping use recycled materials, compost, trees, shrubs and herbs.

Plant Selection Planting

Drip Irrigation and Drainage

We supply and install all types of irrigation and drainage systems for the residential landscape, including drip irrigation which applies moisture directly to the soil of the garden bed thus ensuring the water goes directly to where it is needed most.

The drip irrigation system can be designed to water certain plants which are more susceptible to dehydration and leave out those plants that are hardier to dry conditions.

Automated sprinkler systems are turned on and off by automatic timing devices and can save a lot of time and if programmed correctly, can ensure a healthy and watered garden landscape even when you are away on holidays.

Good landscape drainage for your residential garden landscape is paramount to ensure your plants are on the best foundation. This will prevent the soil becoming too wet or dry and maintaining the right balance for plant growth.

Water is directed or redirected with the installation of drains underground by the use of pipes and above ground channel drainage which directs the water where it needs to go.

Good drainage will direct those heavy seasonal quantities of storm water away from planted areas in the garden, stopping the loss of valuable top soil which contains all the nutrients for plant growth.

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